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I am very please to officially announce the opening of This site has been two years in the making and I'm thrilled that it is out on the internet now. Not only do we strive to raise funds for medical research, but we also want to raise awareness for visual snow, vitreous floaters, and macular degeneration.

Many people do not know that floaters are not being researched anywhere in the world. Most expect when they develop eye floaters that there will be a pill or an eye drop that their doctor will give them, but unfortunately one doesn't exist.

99.9% of people haven't even heard of visual snow or PMA. They are shocked to learn that people actually see static infront of their eyes 24/7 along with many other visual disturbances.

Although most people have heard of macular degeneration, they'll admit that they don't really know what it is. Learning that millions of people are going blind each year from it is an eye opening realization.

I hope that this site will both educate our readers, as well as inspire them to contribute and help find a cure for all of these conditions.